Guarantee guarantees 5 years of product and fabric defects of this product due to its own line of models.

Guarantees do not apply to defects resulting from improper operation – mechanical damage, improper maintenance, inaccurate service, excessive overload, misuse of the product (including damage caused by carriers by third parties) as well as scratches, extreme temperatures, , the effects of acids, water, natural disasters.
Also the guarentee does not apply to decorative “hanging” furniture-ornament. Decorative elements of the product do not serve the requirements for this product to fulfill its basic operation functions and do not have any burden, and they are not the main constructive feature of the product. has the right to use material that is less resistant to the basic construction materials for the use of decorative elements.


Special terms ( warranty)

Locks, chains, joints for closing of buttons, wheelbarrows for car moving, wheels, decorative elements of the product have other warranty periods for the individual intensity of the product. guarantee: Locks, chains, wheelbarrow (wheels) – 5 years from the date of purchase of this product. Joints have their own design and individual load handling, which ensures maximum product life.

Depreciation of a wheelchair depends on the road cover and intensity of use – 5 years from the date of purchase.

Please keep the documentations confirming the receipt of the item at the place of purchase during the whole guarantee period for the product while promoting it.