Sizes of suitcases


    S – 55х33х22см (вес 2,8кг, объем 45л)

      М – 64х42х26см (вес 3,5кг, объем 70л)

     L – 73х45х31см (вес 4кг, объем 100л)

  Children’s suitcases



Bags on wheels

   S – 52х30х28см

    M – 57х33х32см

   L – 64х35х34см

Flight pilots

 44х40х20см (вес 2кг, объем 25л)

  43x40x25 см (вес 2,2кг, объем 30л)

Wheeled suitcases

It is very easy to get a suitcase from bagsland.az – the online store! We offer the largest selection of wheeled suitcases from experienced brands. Here you will find suitcases that recommend to you. So, you have chosen a route for yourself or your loved ones and intend to buy a suitcase made of fabric or plastic in Baku. Our online suitcase store, which has major product range, will help you to solve this issue quickly, including offering wheeled bags.

Bagsland.az – online store will be glad to help you buy a wheeled suitcase in Baku because we have experienced specialists. Today, manufacturers in Baku offer wheeled suitcases in three sizes – small, medium and large with cheap price. Taking into account the Internet technologies, you can get suitcases in Baku for almost a few minutes.

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2 wheeled suitcases

The shop “Bagsland.az” offers its buyers a wide range of two-wheeled suitcases with both plastic and fabric cover.

We have long been familiar with 2 wheeled suitcases. We are willing to use them every time we visit. It is very easy to travel by 2 wheeled suitcases. It is possible to cross the barriers easily, including borders, stairs. You can buy 2 wheeled suitcases at an affordable price – visit our online suitcase shop. Do not forget about kids’ suitcases, they are also wheeled. Let the new 2-wheeled suitcases relax and make your trip easy!

4 wheeled suitcases

Today, four-wheeled suitcases are considered as the genre classic. 4 wheeled suitcases have a number of advantages. They are more durable, there is no need to bend them. Moreover, it’s easy to move with a narrow passage.

Both girls and boys can get 4 wheeled suitcases. We offer suitcases which are more serious, with embarrassing emotions for men, and more brilliant, colorful, including yellow for girls. We recommend that you measure the dimensions of a suitcase at home to provide better dimensions of the goods we purchase.

Bagsland.az, online shop has a wide selection of different road bags. You can find different models of manufacturers with very reasonable prices.

Wheeled suitcases for kids

In the Bagsland.az, internet shop you can buy a suitcase within just a few minutes.

Kids’ suitcases create a desire to please your child with stylish and beautiful accessories that have a practical purpose.

Wheeled children’s suitcases fully imitate the functionality and quality of models for adults, and they also have reliable workability. Your child will be able to carry his luggage without asking the adult help. Wheeled children’s suitcases are both beautiful and original accessories, as kids’ suitcases for girls and boys are decorated in a colorful grip, with pictures and applications. You can get a suitcase for yourself without any problems and we have a great choice.

Wheeled bags

Wheeled bags are essential accessories for travel. It allows you to take everything you need on the road. The main difference between wheeled bags and suitcases is the lack of carcass, it is important to remember, because wheeled bags are not suitable for all types of transport during the trip. If you are traveling by car or by train, it is best to buy wheeled bags. In contrast to the suitcases, wheeled bags can easily be placed in any car’s baggage or underneath of the shelf in wagon.

The Bagsland.az, online shop offers its buyers both large and small kinds of wheeled suitcases of the highest-quality goods by the manufacturers specializing in road accessories. Many stores offer cheaper wheeled bags, but you can buy really good and reliable wheeled suitcases and bags from us, which will serve you for a few years with confidence.

Case pilot

At bagsland.az, online store, you can buy case pilots with different sizes and colors at a cheap price. This is a convenient accessory of travel, so you can place all you need for business meetings – documents, laptops, personal belongings.

Case pilot, the suitcase can also be taken manually, so it is possible to carry valuable items in them. The dimensions of these models are about 44 x 40 x 20/43 x 40 x 25 cm or 16 to 18 inches diagonally. The volume is 25 to 30 liters.